It's all about the BaaS, bout the BaaS, bout the trouble

Backend as a Service is regularly seen as a tool for Frontend developers to build apps quickly and with limited knowledge of how Backend systems are built. With this in mind BaaS has appealed to Digital Agencies. But, how many full stack projects could benefit, by delivering value quickly, leveraging BaaS platforms to get started. BaaS groups together the key system components and provides thought out CI/CD processes and the tooling necessary to get going quickly. I'll explore the use of this concept on a recent enterprise scale cloud migration, specifically the use of Firebase as a quick start for a Google Cloud solution.

Mark Jose

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A technical principal with more than 20 years of software development experience. I have developed software in most languages and would consider myself a “full stack” developer. When I’m not in front of a laptop, you’ll normally find me under the bonnet of a car trying to figure out how I broke it.