The Sleepy Dev - how sleep affects our ability to stay at the forefront of tech

We all know about the basic human needs: food, water, and shelter. It would be pretty difficult to go about our jobs without those three things. But what about sleep? A lack of sleep is detrimental in so many ways - we can all feel the effects of simply *being* tired, but the harm goes much deeper than that. As testers we need to bring a myriad of skills to be the best we can be: creativity, problem solving, decision making and communication to name just a few. How much does sleep impact these skills and our abilities to improve? This talk will cover the effects of sleep (or lack thereof) on learning, behaviour, and general wellbeing. We don’t expect to be our best selves without basic human needs - why do we neglect sleep so?

Hannah Pretswell

Software Tester

Hannah Pretswell portrait

About Hannah

I am a Software Tester with a fascination for how things you wouldn’t expect can affect your ability to learn, grow,, and go about general day to day life. I come from a background in art and animation, and enjoy reading, piano, and aerial fitness.