The Lessons I've Learnt From Three Years Of Podcasting

Podcasting. It's something that everyone seems to want to do. And it's big business too - recently Joe Rogan recently signed a huge deal with Spotify. But what's it all about? Podcasting can be a great way to learn as well as spread knowledge; it can also be a great way to have a laugh, entertain some folks, and make a little money - if you don't mind reading the same ad read 50 different times. The aim of this talk is to get you up to speed with some of the things that you'll need to know before starting out on your journey in the podcasting space. It covers things like: - How to get started - What equipment you'll need - How long you can expect to spend editing - How to decide on a topic and release cadence - What "pod-fading" is, and how to avoid it - What legal issues you need to be aware of With three years of experience of creating weekly shows, five shows under his belt, numerous guest appearances, and over 130 hours of published content, Jamie is a bit of an expert at this whole podcasting game. He's also helped a number shows get off the ground, consulting on every part of the process.

Jamie Taylor

.NET Contractor; Podcaster; Speaker; and biscuit eater

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About Jamie

Jamie is a .NET developer with over 11 years of experience working on applications from R&D to embedded firmware, to web applications, to microservices and mobile applications. He is also a podcast host (The .NET Core Podcast & The Waffling Taylors Podcast), and loves to talk about both technology and video games. Jamie has written a number of widely used open source projects using .NET Core, including HTTP pipeline Middleware (OwaspHeaders.Core), a silly Blazor app (PokeBlazor), and a web api for displaying data on the Discworld canon.