Pride & Prejudice & C#

Who doesn't like Jane Austen? She's kick-arse and awesome. The only problem though, is that she didn't write a great deal. Just 6 (ish) books? Not enough! In this talk I'm going to show how, with a bit of C#, some relatively simple maths, and a bit of Blue-Peter-Style creativity, we can automatically generate as much Jane Austen as anyone in their right mind would ever want. I might even show you how this is useful in your day job as well!

Simon Painter

.NET Contractor and Consultant

Simon Painter portrait

About Simon

I've been working as a .NET developer for over 13 years now in a variety of industries including government, retail and manufacturing. But as a coder, I've been playing with making computers do whatever my crazed imagination could devise since I was old enough to read my Dad's copy of the ZX Spectrum BASIC coders manual. I've been speaking about Functional C# at various user groups and conferences around the UK, USA, and India, and am particularly interested in seeing just how far we can push the capabilities of C#. When I'm not coding, or running after my two small children, I have been known to enjoy the classic series of Doctor Who, Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, Cryptic Crosswords, and rather more coffee than is probably good for me.