No SOLID evidence

The SOLID principles are something that everyone agrees are a good thing and are definitely doing but few people can tell you what they are. In this session I want to explore the detail of the five principles, why they aren't what you think they are, and what you can do instead to improve the code you write.

Derek Graham

Principal Developer, Sage UK

Derek Graham portrait

About Derek

I'm a Principal Software Developer working for a very popular business software company in the North East of England. I co-organize NE Bytes, a monthly .Net community get-together and Agile North East, both hosted in Newcastle city centre. I am an Extreme Programmer, an Infrequent Sketchnoter, a Collector of Programming Languages, a Speaker, a Mob Programmer, a Test-Driven Developer and Struggling Agilista. I am also a STEM ambassador, microbit hacker and project lead for the "Makers & Creators" events at Campus North with Tech for Life UK. My main areas of interest are in using agile methods to help improve what we ship, test-driven development, unit testing, continuous and deliberate learning, visual thinking, design and, of course, code.