CSS Grid - What is this Magic?!

We've all heard a lot in the last year about a new advancement in the world of CSS, called CSS Grid. Starting at whispers, we're now starting to hear it as a deafening roar as more developers write about it, talk about it and start using it. In the world of front end, I see it everywhere I turn, but what does it mean for non front end developers and why should you care about it? The reason CSS Grid is gaining so much attention is because it's a game changer for layouts. No longer do you have to fight for hours to align things properly on the page (eventually turning to Bootstrap), with a few simple lines of code we can now create dynamic and responsive layouts. While a lot of people are calling this the new "table layout", CSS Grid gives us so much more (and is easier to use). While there is so much to worry about when developing an app, CSS Grid means that you can worry less about building the layout on the front end, and more about making sure the back end works well. Let me show you how the magic works.

Amy Kapernick

Front End Dev, Evangelist, Dog Lover

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Amy wears many hats as a freelance developer, business owner and conference addict. She regularly shares her knowledge with her peers and the next generation of developers by mentoring, coaching, teaching and feeding into the tech community in many ways. Amy can be found volunteering her time with Fenders, ACS, SheCodes (formerly Perth Web Girls) and MusesJS (formerly NodeGirls). She also works as an evangelist for YOW! Conferences, is a Twilio Champion, Microsoft MVP and has been nominated for the WiTWA awards for the last 2 years. In her spare time Amy shares her knowledge and experience on her blogs and speaking at conferences. She has previously given keynotes at multiple events as well as speaking at several international conferences in the US and Europe.